When one imports a puppy, it always means great admiration for the lines, the parents of the dogs. However since they are foreign lines, we don't know the genetics. Neither do we truly have objective and reliable information concerning the ethics of that breeder.

Most of the time we hit fabulous homepages with a lot of bragging and titles, lots of photo's of how dogs are kept as if they are honored angels, family members. A long the way, I visited those great homepages and saw what's behind those homepage and 95 % is a horror of dog keeping as cattle.

I will not even mention the UN ethical way financial deals are handled. We are at risk, transferring money Trans Atlantic or international to purchase a puppy. Will you have the money to start an international court trial against a person that signed papers to sell you a dog and does not in the end?

What if you import semen from a dog holder and when you go to all cost, have all agreements signed but refuses to sign the insemination papers at day of insemination for whatever reason? There are people that do change their mind depending on their mental state. But how big is the risk, that you travel Trans Atlantic, flight costs, hotel costs and a whole lot more and the breeder increase puppy price or sent you the craziest contracts afterwards?

How will you know if indeed you get your pick puppy? You might invest thousands and still lose. End up with trash or nothing.

To me, what I will never understand, why don't breeders understand that a purchaser from a foreign country, goes to enormously high expenses, there fore have high expectations on the quality to breed from or show with? Why can't they understand, how enormous the disappointment must be when the dog is disordered?! All fellow breeders are filled with joy in such a case since each unfortunate happening will be for other breeders ( because of the competition atmosphere in the Netherlands) a reason to celebrate.

One likes to hide the disorder, hides his failing and hide to protect the reputation of the breeder imported from and tries to have a decent, ethical settlement but the saluki world is a small world full of gossips and betrayals. Secrets leeks out and most likely the breeder one imported the disordered dog from will jump in defense. Defense of the truth in sake of the breed as Reba Curtis would call that in her El Ubaidís introduction.

When I breed, from the first day off I put my breath, my soul in each single puppy. A hard job but the first 16 weeks are so important to put a stable temperament in the puppy, ones future life time companion. The puppy you receive might only have seen a back yard, a garage, whelping room, has never been corrected, socialized.

How to deal if you get a dog disordered by temperament or health or according to standard? I always feel since I like to keep a very intense contact with my dogs, there for have to keep the amount of dogs limited, that I have no room, time or space to put up with the misfits purchased from some other breeder.

To me the solution is, trying to point out to that breeder with medical facts, photo's or whatever, that for this reason I am not able to keep such a dog.

The majority of breeders will blame you even start an open vendetta against you, since they like their reputation high. All will be done to destroy your name and reputation in every way. When things can't be settled in a decent way, the slander starts, my attitude is simply publish the facts regardless the consequences. I can have that attitude since my goal has never been fame, money or titles.

Even in 2010 I got some offers to import puppies bred by others out of my breeding. I hesitate since I wonder if they put the energy in educating socializing their puppies as I do and of they have knowledge concerning genetic of the lines they blended my lines with it. Sure, there are world wide litters bred that take my interest but what's the use? I have wanted I wanted to have a great pair of salukis to spend my days with.

After all these considerations, my imports;

*Sulaymania Nadjah Ishtar, I will forever be great full for this one.

*Aziz Balthasar and Aziz Balthsarina

Balthazar gained 3 cc and ib's in the Netherlands, he and his litter sister were Belgium junior winners, Balthazar was number 4th youth class on the world show in the early 90ties in Germany. His litter sister number 3. They were also Falapa, France sight hound specialty. junior winners.

Balthazar won the prestigious Luxemburg indoor handler show and group second. Still, rumors were spread by Dutch breeder that these dogs would be dying of starvation as two English breeders would confirm in the hands of a black slaughter. A story easily believed by their breeder in spite of all these major winnings only due to the fact, that I informed her over and over that both of them were enormously alpha aggressive. I ended the nagging and returned them to their breeder. Who had to face the fact that the dogs indeed were alpha aggressive and had to place them both. Both of them have been to my opinion great quality salukis to breed from. My breeding is the prove that even temperament can be corrected in following generations. More about Aziz Balthazar sire to my A litter under health issues.

Damson of Daxlore, she was a magnificent piece of China, very elegant, great temperament, silky shiny black coat, enormously inbred. I don't think I ever came across a pedigree again that was so inbred. She died age 18 months during her first heat cycles.

Al Caliph Ibn Arrowac, Who's second testicle if it ever had been there, clearly went back in his stomach and stayed there. He was castrated by an official vet to rescue his life since the testicle in his stomach was showing cancer cells. Name of the vet has been published here. I do not like and hate to fall in discussions with breeders with many different opinion, if his H.D. (hip Displacement) was good enough to breed from or not.

I am not a vet, but I was and am advised not to breed from single testicle males or dogs with an hip displace. score. The fact was that this dog could only hear very drum noises. That he was also night blind was discovered by Mrs. M.E. Janssen.

I careless, queen of the world or not; I can't breed from a dog with a testicle problem. Over and out. I can't say if it was genetically inherited but for sure the excuse of his breeder that I had exposed the dog to the bacterial infection and for that reason his second testicle did not return into his scrotum is a laugh. Arro was we called him was therefore placed into a good home, had a good life, he was a sweet heart but I am a breeder with limited space since I deliberately chose to life with my dogs in town to make them very socialized. The dogs I keep, I should be able to show them and breed from them. Of course those will stay until they die of old age. If to my opinion a dog owned by me is of Ch. quality, no judge can change that opinion. So, I might even stick to a dog untitled.

*Kashmani's Quamar; he was simply an angel, but very disobedience, once lose, you could wait for an other 10 hours before he returned. He was very affectionate, great feathering, very elegant but not the best movement unfortunately. Due to the fact that I was so severe blamed that my problems with the Aziz dogs was that I had not been experience enough to keep two puppies of the same age, I decided toplace my own bred El Ubaid's Cadiya and Quamar. Cadiya same age as Quamar was copying his behavior. This way the Kashmanis breeder in my opinion could not get the idea that I got rid of her boy and stacked to my own puppy. He lived with Diana Hendriks and brought her much joy, he was very successful on the racing track. I had absolutely been worth to breed from since even movement can be corrected in a next generation.

*Al Gazara's Byzanthium; Sire to my i and q litter. A dog with the most wonderful head and temperament. Great ear feathering, pigmentation. Lots of quality few short comings but a very different type from my own breeding. He lived with my sister Dorothee and has been the love of her life.

A lot around my breeding ideas is explained under health issues.

Because of his great temperament, he was called Ghandi. Unfortunately Ghandi was diagnosed at age 6 with a genetic lethal inherited heart disorder and died. I have asked all owners to dogs out of my i and Q litter to test their dogs cardiologic. Only the dog from my i litter owned by kennel Khalil has been tested and found free by information given to me by that breeder. His breeder was NOT aware of this problem in his lines.

Srinagar Parvati; Imported by me but her breeder never transferred according agreements that bitch her pedigree to my name. Srinagar Parvati, import USA was diagnosed with a life threatening heart disorder and could never be bred from. A disorder her breeder was well aware of but did not value as a problem. This has been the mean reason to open a site against my breeding naming it selves; El Ubaid's introduction, in defense of the truth. Operated by Reba Curtis owner of Srinagar Salukis. More about Parvati under health.

*Srinagar Durga; was tested totally free of any genetic disorder. She has been the love in my love, a joy to see her getting secure, bounded, healed from her traumatic life in the USA. She became dam to my K, N, J and Q litter.

Elektra Helwa; Helwa was actually a rescue bitch with a great English pedigree and an absolutely amazing beautiful sire. Her temperament problems have been enormously severe, untouchable, hysteric, shy, a bitch that would severe bite my other dogs out of fear. I don't think people should breed from such a unstable bitches and she had a fertility problem, meaning she would get in heat but never ovulate.

*Fleetwin's Apollo; To me he simply is a dog I love from the heart. I loved his temperament and quality and his movement when off leash simply breath taking. A dog full of sex type, very affectionate and obedience. Due to my following export, Qat Jacco, dominating this dog so severe, I agreed with broken heart, totally tired of Jacco, to return Apollo to his breeder.

Qat Jacco; Well, I imported the most beautiful puppy in that litter. I think at that time to pick out, his breeders did sent me the best. Maybe due to enormous flight , crating time, almost 36 hours before he got out of the crate. He has been to me a total nervous break down. He simply destroyed the entire house, inside of cars, furnitureís, attacking other dogs, killing swans, hyper active, even digging the floors in the house out, windows, doors, attacking children. By the time I got him trained, I lost all joy in all other dogs, in the breed, in dogs, totally empty out of energy.

Disobedience, not allowing other dogs to eat, one testicle disappeared and only returned when he was almost 6 months. Than the beautiful puppy changed completely to a quality I would not chose to show or breed from. Round eyes, barrow chest, round bones, lots of stop, to little front muscle of the mouth, round muscles, round feet, curled tail, but believe it or not enormous strong, fast, a great hunting instinct and his color is simply striking.

Jacco genetically inherited had missing dentals, p1,p2,p3.

There is too little known yet about the inherit factor of missing dentals but FCI demands a complete set of teeth and I don't play Russian Roulette.

All with all enough reason for me not to breed from him according to FCI standard where a complete set of teeth is demanded.

I thank his owners for giving me the best they gave me by their best knowledge and their honesty to point out it was not a co incidental matter. ( This is the problem when one out cross to lines one does not know, to successful dogs because of breeders their hiding attitude, not speaking out about disorders. It is this attitude that on the long run will destroy the total breed) Jacco lives a very happy life in Qatar and is a fitted functional dog.

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