During the nineties, El Ubaid's salukis stood as the number one breeder in the Netherlands. During this period many foreign and international titles were achieved in Europe. After the millenium El Ubaid's reach spread out worldwide.

We had USA ch. El Ubaid's Figaro, Swedish ch. El Ubaid's Genesis whose descendants achieved top titles also the world titles.

The descendants of the Dutch ch. Multi ch. multi winner, multi top saluki number one, El Ubaid's Djoser reached their number one place or ch. titles in Sweden, Latin America, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Russia, Eastern Europe, Finland, Norway, England.

The number of El Ubaid's that have gained Scandinavian ch. and ch. titles worldwide and their descendants have become innumerable. Also this is the same for the offsprings of Djoser's littermate sister Multi ch.Jw.98 El Ubaid's Dignity.The descendants of El Ubaid's Gourzhy in Germany that also achieved their ch. title are innumerable. His son was chosen to stud the only saluki that ever won the world title Eukanuba a winner.

In the U.S. were in the top 10 best salukis, USA Ch.El Ubaid's Katoucha, USA Ch.El Ubaid's Khodya.

USA ch. El Ubaid's Imatep, USA.Ch. El Ubaid's Khardous, USA ch.El Ubaid's Khalif. Their descendants Achieved with ease their Ch. Title and equally B.I.S. winnings.

We also have Canadian Ch. El Ubaid's Iraphina and Candian Ch. El Ubaid's Ghalif. USA ch. El Ubaid's Nasim. USA Ch. El Ubaid's Lakia.

At this time, Multi Champion, Multi Winner, Multi SBIS winner, Muti Bis winner (to mention That the number of BIS and SBIS winnings are so enormous) Multi veteran SBIS and multi veteran BIS winner, uncle or this litter, El Ubaid's Kalimantan stands Numer 1 saluki 2012 in Finland. We most certainly must not forget multi ch. multi winner, internat ch.

El Ubaid's Picasso in Finland. Racing ch. El Ubaid's Kadija in Finland.

Sw & Dk Ch. El Ubaid's Othello, Sire to our S litter.

Finland stood as number 1 for the breeder saluki wide world wide. It is great honor to see what English salukis bred by El Ubaid's achieved there.

From 2009 to 2011, multi ch. internat.kamp. El Ubaid's Prima Donna stood number 1 top saluki in France, France National winner consistently all these years.

Also in Eastern Europe Multi ch. multi winner El Ubaid's Quadham with 11 ch. Titles number 1 stood in Eastern Europe.

All El Ubaid's litters, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, Those that went to shows all Achieved with ease , world wide champion titles, Bis winnings, number 1 rankings, top salukis of the Year, winner titles and so do Their off springs. India to Ireland, from Lapland to southern Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America, the USA up to Canada, they are known for Their multi ch, tiles. For their beauty, conformation, health, temperament, functionality.

It would take pages, book works to follow each El Ubaid's, Their great quality, they have bennefit with the wide world wide.

From our last litter, the El Ubaid's S litter, now 18 months ago, have Already Achieved the following, results, El Ubaid's Sovereign Persia, France, National, BOB youth winner 2012.

El Ubaid's Rian Queen Threesome, European youth winnaar2012, El Ubaid's Sincerity Isis Became best bitch at the international show or out of Rotterdam youth went class.Isis Also, the Latvian BOS consistently show winner, Latvian winner while her uncle, uncle or this litter, El Ubaid's Kalimantan again went BOB and Group 2nd Group winner 2013.

El Ubaid's salukis That is the only breeder World Wide With The few litters, Achieved so much success with each single litter world wide. Entire litters gaining Their ch. titles.
A world wide recognisition, not a single breeder in whatever broad That Achieved with limited litters in limited time.Not in the past and not in the present. El Ubaid's Brought the Dutch breeding to an unknown level of fame, success, standing for quality world wide.

We work for selective experience, fit, stable owners.