B litter

1) Ger. Ch. VDH. Ch. European youth winner and German winner El Ubaid's Barnabas, exported to kennel Pari Wass

  • 2) El Ubaid's Batiste

  • C litter

    3) Ch. El ubaid's Chirin to Belgium

  • 4) El Ubaid's contraban. USA

    El Ubaid's Contraban to the USA, he was returned to the Netherlands as agreed with his owner to be owned by Dr.Sven Knudssen in Germany. Dr.Sven Knudssen changed his mind and Contraban lived with Josje in the Netherlands.

  • D litter;
  • 5) El Ubaid's Diva,USA, Diva produced a marvelous litter at raszulli saluki, all champion litter.A bitch out of litter became number 1 LC bitch in the USA in 2006

    6) El Ubaid's Erindira to Finland
    7) Exaclibur, to the USA
    8) Emerald, to the USA
    9) Explorer, to the USA
    10) East of Eden to the USA

  • F litter;
  • 11) USA Ch. El Ubaid's Figaro USA
    12) one puppy, Favorite,went to South Africa
    13) One puppy ,Faustus , went to Switserland became Germ.Ch and saluki of the year from youth class in Germany
    14) One puppy was exported to Germany to Dr.Sven knuddsen in Germany. This puppy should have returned to me as the breeder but kept without a word by the care taker of the litter Mrs.O. Doorbush

  • G Litter
  • 5) Ch. Genesis went to Sweden Genesis was used by many Swedish breeders at stud and his off springs are very succesfull and ch. in many countries, even in G.B.
    16) Gaiia went to France
    17) Ghalif went to Canada
    18) Ghourzy went to Germany, he sired several litters as well, of which some became very succesfull as well.
    19)Gordes went to Russia

    20) Multi Ch.internat.ch. reserv.world winner El Ubaid's Guinevere went age 6 to H.H.Mohamed Bin Khalifa to Qatar, she produced my O litter. She produced the first saluki litter, a singlthon litter for the sjeikh. Amu named by me is simply one breath taking saluki. Sire was El Ubaid's Justin Time.

  • H litter;
  • 21) Hestia went to France
    22) Hera went to Sweden, she produced a litter at kennel.......
    23) Herakles went to Sweden
    24) Hebe went to Germany, she produced my L and R litter
    25) Hector, went to Russia

  • I litter,
  • whelped at kennel khalil in Sweden.

  • (6 puppies remained in Sweden,)
  • sw.ch.Ignas Indian Night,sired a litter by 2009 at kennel Khalil which lead to one of GB youngest champions in 30 year time.

    31) Sw. Ch.Indiana Jones, sired a litter by 2009 at kennel Amiyat in Sweden.
    32) USA Ch. Imatep went to the USA, imatep produced her first litter at age 10 months at kennel Srinagar and produced on each heat cyclus an other litter.The amount of registrated and none registrate litters after her are horrifying. Howevr her offsprings easily achieved ch. titles and ranked high as top winning salukis. I had put an reward of 10.000 US dollars out for any person to rescue her out of that situation but publishing this disaster has lead to a page to be found on the internet named; El Ubaid's introduction , in defense of the truth. Many breeders that consider breeding a way of making their living or in denial of the genetic disorders they breed joined that page.
    33) Iraphina went to Canada

  • J litter,
  • Only 2 puppies were born.

    34) Jin Jang went to Belgium
    35) Just in time to Qatar

  • K litter;
  • 36) Multi Ch.Internat ch. Sf Winner 2008 kalimantan, multi Bis and Biss and Groupwinner was exported to Finland.
    37) Race ch.sf Kheditza was exported to Finland, she produced a singlethon litter at kennel
    Abu Hakim
    38) Kromantie Khan is exported to Italy, produced several very promissing litters.Sire to my R litter. He lscks one ib to be international ch.
    39) USA Ch. khodjah exported to the USA owned by Barbara House
    40) USA Ch. katoucha,produced litter at kennel Lady Hawk.USA
    41) USA Ch khalif,produced litters as well at kennel Srinagar. USA
    42) USA. khardos, went to a none show home, great quality dog, USA.
    43) Multi Ch..El Ubaid's Kahabra is exported to Italy, kennel Dahabi where she produced in 2010 the Z litter.

  • only 2 pups were whelped;

    44) latif was exported to Germany, Shown twice, winning one BOS. Germany
    45) USA Ch. Lakia al Rasheeka, exported to the USA

  • M litter
  • 46) Mata Hari exported to Germany.

  • N litter
  • 47) Nostalgia bint allah exported to Italy kennel Dahabi, she produced by ch.Romulus the Y litter at Dahabi
    49 ) Multi youth winner, Multi youth club winner, Multi Ch. Multi winner, Multi Club winner , reserve best sight hound in 2007 and number 1 best sight hound of the year 2008, Nubis Khan, exported to Luthania, he won so many titles, about 13 ch.titles, including internat ch. many winners titles, I don't think at this point there is any saluki on his young age that ever achieved so many titles. The most winning El Ubaid's ever produced.Luthania.
    50) Ch. Nasim USA
    51) multi jw.Ch. Nadjah Ishtar Italy, she produced at kennel lilly Rose the first saluki litter out of El Ubaid'sOrpheus

  • O litter ;
  • 52) Othello to Sweden
    53) Orpheus to Italy , kennel Lily Rose, Mrs.Novella Betti, sire to lilly Rose first saluki litter
    54) Omadai to Belgium
    55) \ Oh Live to the USA,taken from, puppy class her first points towards her title in 2009

  • P litter ;
  • 56) multi ch. internat.ch.Prima Dona,Belgium saluki club youth winner,France Sight hound year specialty winner/ Falapa to; France
    57) Peru Banu to; Belgium
    58) Prima Balerina to; Belgium
    59) Pavaroti; Belgium
    60) Puccini; Italy, Puccini sired a litter at kennel Sim Heart in Italy
    61) Picasso to; Finland, he is about to finish his ch. title.
    62) Pericles Hungarian youth ch; Hungary, he sired the first two litters at the new kennel in Hungary; Aquamadis

  • Q litter
  • 63) Querin Missy Blue / Belgium
    64) Querin Mahogany , Hungarian youth ch./Hungary, dam to kennel Aquamadis first litter sired by El Ubaid's Pericles
    65) Quality Fancy Panty Hungarian youth ch/ Hungary, dam to kennel Aquamadis second litter sired by El Ubaid's pericles
    66) Qeeny Shady Lady Fame to Belgium, dam to Sulaymania litter whelped in 2009
    67) Qadham Multi youth winner, club winner, youth Ch.Multi ch. Multi winner, Austria winner, multi club winner all achieved before age 3 and moste likely he will achieve most titles than any El Ubaid's or Saluki ever achieved. Luthania.

  • R litter
  • 68) One puppy bitch Rasja exported to Italy 69, 70, 71) 3 bitches are exported to Qatar, 2 of them are owned by the Sjeikh and one of them owned by Mrs.H.Maasdijk(NL) care taker of the dogs and horses of the Sjeikh. 72) One puppy dog Rafiq to Germany 73) One puppy dog Raphael to Germany

  • S litter
  • El Ubaid's Somerian Queen- youth winner 2012 exported to Sweden

    El Ubaid's Sovereign Persia- France National winner 2012 exported to France

    El Ubaid's Sincerity Pearl- exported to the USA

    El Ubaid's Sarina exported to Germany

    El Ubaid's Sulayman living in Germany ( never exported but stolen and no breeder and no breed club or kennelclub is willing to help a black breeder out in such a cases!! )

    El Ubaid's Shahmaan exported to Ireland (puppies expected after him this year in Ireland for info contact me)

    Sincerity Isis geexporteerd naar finland

    T litter 2013

    Tsarina Arabia exported to Finland

    Tsaar exported to Finland

    Tigris exported Finland

    Tango Exported to Sweden

    Toth Exported to the USA

    Theseus exported to the USA

    Talisman exported France

    Tiara exported to Germany.

    30 years of persistence, dedication and passion.
    Very selective breeding by the standards of the breed, for health, temperament, performance and beauty.

    Hopefully this will be an example for breeders world wide that overload the world with Salukis as if every household is ready for a saluki.

    From the total of 123 salukis bred 88 have been exported. 43 did not achieve ch. titles.
    8 were exported to countries that have no dog shows scene, 4 got castrated at young age since the person who imported them in end felt she would a dime to a black person and their documents were held by me which lead them to be castrated. 4 ended up in a rescue program in Belgium in 2012, 4 died at young age even before age 9 months due to accidents. 7 went to none show homes, 3 died of disorders at young age; thyroid due to a stud I taken from a friend breeder. 2 single testicles also because the breeder the stud was taken from also did not think to benefit the health of the breed in general but did hide this genetic disorder. 4 did went to shows and won open class or the breed, or Best opposite sex (BOS) but the owners could not deal with the violence of dog show scene and never shown their dogs again. 1 could finish her title since she was bleached to become white and got some in the eyes which blinded her. 5 were deliberately not shown by the owners by advice of some hate full breeders since that would bring too much fame to the El Ubaid's Prefix.

    Meaning from what was exported over the years world over 50 % achieved their champion titles, bis winnings, national titles international titles, top saluki number one for many years, group winnings. Titles achieved became uncountable as world wide the El Ubaid's prefix is known to simply have great quality stock.

    This means; more than 79. 7 % of my breeding has been exported world wide.

    What remained in the Netherlands; 35 remained in the Netherlands.
    18 of them went to none show homes not because they were not off show quality or champion quality but not ever great loving home is willing to spend money and time in the violence and more that often corrupt dog show scene. 12 achieved champion titles, international titles , many foreign titles, ,multi ch. titles, years long top saluki number 1, and so-fort. 15 were deliberately not shown since Dutch dog show world agreed at some point it would bring too much fame for the only black breeder in this country.

    It still leaves a record, not a single breeder world wide did achieve that such a high percentage of what was bred achieved so many titles!!

    In racist countries, where they were not ready to import from a black person, they imported direct off springs to my breeding and they became crufts winners, German winners and so-fort.

    One can see the El Ubaid's lines, all over the world. One would not even have the time to sit back and follow all of springs world wide and their achievements. Just two exceptions Japan and Australia.Since it takes a puppy to be almost a year to be allowed to enter those countries. One bounds too much with a dog at that age.

    According to AKC, FCI, DKC, records, the only breeder world wide that exported so much. Which says a lot about the world wide admiration for the stock bred under this prefix. The impact of a breeder is a general impact on the breed world wide and if it remains a national impact, one has not benefit the breed in general.

    From that point of view I am and will remain the most successful breeder the Netherlands ever have had !

    It leaves some questions; Why the national attitude is so ignorant ? How come that the enormous amount of titles achieved world wide, never did lead to major winnings of a dog kept and handled by the breeder in his own country? I am very contempt with this achievement and can say indeed my goal was never to become a breeder. All I wanted was a pair of healthy, functional,well temperament, beautiful salukis.

    However, Western world rejected and refused to deal with a black person. Those that made an exception, the majority was out of financial gain and felt, as a black I needed to fall on my knees to be grateful being black.

    As I did not, they turned out to be very destruct full since I had the nerve to question matters,results of gene blending , good or bad. There are pages to be found on the net, where Western World show their face and their nasty thoughts around a black person and their so called bad experiences. El Ubaid's stands for equal human rights besides the quality of the breeding. Equal human rights for a black person is still world wide in general major denied in this sport but in life in western world as well.

    I will never be of national importance for the Netherlands, the dog world of showing and breeding pure bred dogs is not ready for the quality the rest of the world appreciate so much for the simple reason, the dogs are bred by a black man. A man who is outspoken.

    However, I am very grateful for the exceptions I come across and I cherish them in my heart.

    Due to health, age and last but not least, the enormous violence in the Netherlands and hate towards a black breeder or blacks is general is getting worse with the year, it is very unlikely an other litter will be bred under this prefix.

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