In meanwhile El Ubaid's Toth is winning quite a bit in the USA.
We congratulate his owner ad a big thank you towards all judges putting El Ubaid's up.

Of course we are very proud of Toth winning his class at world largest Saluki specialty, the nationals in the USA.
(see photo above)

May 30, 2014 Missouri Rhineland KC judge - David R. Miller
Toth - 1st in 12 - 15

May 31, 2014 Missouri Rhineland KC Toth - 1st 12-15 Sweepstakes - judge Melanie Mercer, DVM
Toth - 1st 12-15 Regular classes - judge - Katrina Hamilton

June 1, 2014 Mississippi Valley KC
Toth - 1st - Sweepstakes judge Maureen Jones
Toth - 2nd - Regular classes - judge - Karen Dumke

June 2, 2014 Mississippi Valley KC
Toth - 2nd - Regular 12-15 judge Linda Scanlon

June 4, 2014 Saluki Club of America National - St Louis, Missouri
Toth - 1st - 12-15 Sweeps judge Kathy Morton

June 5, 2014 Saluki Club of America National St. Louis Missouri
Toth - 1st 12-15
He has gone back into the ring for the Winners, as we speak and the judging will take most of the
rest of the day.There are over 200 Salukis entered


Karim, El-Ubaid's Tango, Exc-1, J-CAC, BOB Junior at Int Dog Show Brno, Czech Republic.


Prodoh Aisha female at 8 weeks due to circumstances breeders pick bitch available.


SATURDAY MAY 31th 2014

We have the most marvelous news;

FCI Europen Sighthound show in Sweden. El Ubaid's Tango "Karim" went Best in Show Junior!

Litter brother El Ubaid's Tigris; 27 salukis entered, 17 males on his first official show went best dog number champion quality with a lovely critique.

I like to congratulate all owners, handlers and a big thank you to all judges involved.


On April 26th our W litter is born. Containing; 4 bitches and 6 males;


Watramah Grey Parti F

Wejoh Prodoh Aisha Black Grizzle F

Watrah Winnouh Cream F

Weh Neh Neh Kamtamasi Silver Allah Marked F


Wah _Opetheh Grey Parti M

Watrah dah dah Fudduh Black Grizzle M

Wedêh Piyahman Cream M

Wallah Kondreh Black Grizzle M

Winti Torrie Cream M

Wieh Kabrah Deh Cream M

Our U litter born January first, spread their wings world wide are such a joy to all owners and very promissing.
El Ubaid's United Avalon did his first steps in the showring and went bis puppy.

First of all Happy birthday to my T litter with their first birthday.

El Ubaid's Tigris in Finland did very well on his first show and is a joy -as all others- to their owners.
El Ubaid's Tango was BOS saluki puppy under great competition in Sweden and reserve junior winner on an other show. Tango is on photo above.
We are not sure if El Ubaid's Toth is already USA ch. but for sure close to his Ch. title.
While El ubaid's Talisman went Best of Breed Junior in France.
El Ubaid's Tsarina Anastasia in Finland, became SF junior winner and Nordic Junior winner.

We like to thank all owners, judges and handlers and wish them lots of succes, love and joy.

In the mean time; since we are more occupied with Facebook

El-Ubaid's Sincerity Isis BOB CACIB CAC. Now she is INT FI LV LT EE BALT CH LVW-13 LTW-14 TLNW-14. 9 titles within a year.

MAY 2014 - Panthea

Owned by mr. B. van der Moezel



*21.04.2004 †13.1.2014

With great sadness, leaving us devastated, El Ubaid's Kalimantan passed the rainbow bridge. Kalimantan was an enlightment to many, an angel we were blessed to have among us. Without a doubt his beauty, even the titles he achieved can never expresse his being, his beauty. We have so many great moments to think of, to keep him alive in our hearts. He was his owner AnnMarie Seppa's love of her life. We at El Ubaid's feel so empty, we have no words to comfort her, way to young, dying of a terrible bacterial infection ruining his lungs in such a fast, short time.
May he rest in peace; Mlti ch. multi winner, multi Bisw. Multi sbis winner, multi veteranw. multi sbis veteran winner, uncountable bis placements, group placements, best of breed and bos winnings, Top Saluki 2012, Most Winning Saluki, Number 1 Veteran Saluki 2013 El Ubaid's Kalimantan. May you shine like a star.

We all love you and miss you so much.

December, 2013 | Germany

Runner up top saluki of the year Germany, 2013: Ch. El Ubaid's Maharadjah, looking forward to his puppies in 2014. Such a shame his owner could not show him the last 2 months of 2013 due to private circumstances but we are very proud of all he accomplished. A big thank you to his owner and judges.

October, 2013 | The Netherlands

29th of October: mating taken place between El Ubaid's Nubian Khadin aka Prince x El Ubaid's Prima Diva. More information here.

Latvian winner 2013; El Ubaid's Sincerity Isis age 25 months, within 8 months gained 11 cacs and became Sf and Latvian Champion.

European youth winner: El Ubaid's Somerian Queen

Meanwhile Latvian Winner 2013; El Ubaid's Sincerity Isis, living in Finland before age 24 months, gained 10cc's and several lb's, in waiting time for her int.sf and lt title. We thank all judges, handler and owner. While multi biswinner multi ch.int ch.saluki of the year 2012 El ubaid's Kalimantan went on with his bis placements and winnings.

El Ubaid's Tango, 5 months old in Sweden:

El Ubaid's Tigris, 5 months old in Finland:


August 12, 2013 | The Netherlands

Due to the great quality El Ubaid's Rhama Aishah produces, we have planned a third and last litter from Aishah, end 2014.
This litter will be bred from top lines from the USA, but a good research will show their great English lines and even Dutch lines.
The litter will be co-bred or bred by B. van der Moezel, due to circumstances.
Feel free to contact in time. We don't home our dogs in the Netherlands or Belgium.

August 10, 2013 | Germany

Today in Germany at the Erkrath-Hochdahl show. Ch. NordRein West fahlen most winning saluki 2012,
club winner El Ubaid's Maharadjah went best of breed again. Judge Mr.Wiemersma.

August 9-10, 2013 | Finland

Today in Joensuu int El-Ubaid's Kalimantan BM-3, BOB- veteran & BIS-3 veteran in big veteran group.

El-Ubaid's Sincerity Isis BB-2, CAC and reserve cacib -> cacib.

Friday group show El-Ubaid's Kalimantan Bob & Bis-3 veteran and El-Ubaid's Sincerity Isis first in intermediate class.

Due to private circumstances this page will only be updated once in the month or once every two months.

August 9, 2013 | Finland

Joensuu Finland

El ubaid's Kalimantan went BIS number 3 in

We as a family are very happy, after 4 years of asking for help to handlers, breeders to assist even willing to pay them,
to get El Ubaid's Rashad over his trauma, we finally succeeded to place him in a wonderful home. A home where in a few days,
the new owner was able to achieve more with him than we did. His new owner has a great reputation to benefit the wellbeing of dogs.
Very experienced with dogs suffering of trauma's. I think, it is not needed to say, the breeder was unable to do that due to his
own health situation over the last 4 years.


August 8, 2013

Due to private circumstances all 8 puppies have been exported. El Ubaid's Tsaar left to Finland.
We have no puppies available.

Iisalmi in Finland

Kalimantan best of breed veteran, best in show number 2

Sincerity Isis CaC !!!


August 4, 2013

El ubaid's Kalimantan and El Ubaid's Sincerty Isis

Isalmi in Finland

Kalimantan best of breed veteran, best in show number 2

Sincerity Isis CaC !!!


August 3th;

El Ubaid's Kalimantan and El Ubaid's Sincerity Isis, did it again.
Turku in Finland

Kalimantan best of breed, group 2nd, Best in show veteran

El Ubaid's Sincerity Isis Reserve CC

July 28th

Helsinky international - Finland

Multi ch.int.ch. multi winner, multi biswinner, multi sbis winner, multi veteran bis winner,
multi veteran sbis winner El ubaid's Kalimantan went again Best of breed veteran and bis veteran.

Latvian winner 2013 El ubaid's sincerity isis, gained again the cc

July 27th;
Lompoc USA.

On the Lompoc shows in the USA , One of the many ch, one of the Many Grand ch. after USA ch. El ubaid's Imatep;
Grand ch. Lady Hawks Guinnes bred by Deborah Ratliff owned by Suesan Zamon,
went Best in show over more than 200 salukis entered.

Also in the month July, Kennel Khalil's in Zweden went best in show with a double El ubaid's direct off spring.

We congratulate all these breeders, owners for holding up the type and the great achievements.
A big thank you to handlers and judges.

It is already is a fantastic year 2013 since it is a grandson to Sw.Ch. El Ubaid's Genesis that won the breed at the crufts in England.

July 5th, Latvian winner El Ubaid's Sincerity Isis went without her companion kalimantan to the show.
Mikkeli national show Finland and did it again winning the CC.

On July 30th Tuulos National in Finland;

El ubaid's Kalimantan did it again; Best of breed, best of breed veteran, best in show sight hound, Runner up best in show El Ubaid''s Sincerity Isis did it again, best bitch, best opposite sex 

On July 27th in Poland European youth winner 2012 El ubaid's Somerian queen living in Sweden went to her first open class show, international show and was awarded best of breed under breed specialist judge Mr.Espen Engh.

on June 26th Multi ch, multi winner multi bis winner multi sbis winner multi veteran bis winner mutlti verteran sbis winner El ubaid's Kalimantan went best of breed in Rovaniemi in Finland. He also went best of breed as veteran. As best of breed he went group 2dn as Best of breed veteran Bis 3 On that same show Latvia winner 2013 the very young El Ubaid's Sincerity Isis went best opposite sex, winning her third cc in Finland and her third ib, even if she was too young to get her first ib awarded for her international title but she is now in waiting time for her international title.

3 males available !! 3 reuen nog beschikbaar!! 3 rüden zu vergeben !!
5 weeks on photo !!

On May 11th the El ubaid's T litter is born. A very uniform litter from healthy tested parents;
El Ubaid's Nubian Khadin "prince x El Ubaid's Rhama Aishah.
On the link below you can see the 3 males available from this litter. Photo's taken age 3 weeks. The litter is being raised at the Dutch sea side and looking fantastic. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10200096753609315.1073741839.1464292735&type=1&l=5878e2f4dc

As usual the year continued with Several best of breed ,BIS winnings and SBIS of multi ch. Multi winner, Multi bis winner and Multi sbis winner El Ubaid's Kalimantan.

El Ubaid's Sincerity Isis; won on the Rotterdam international show BOS out of youth class over open, and champion bitches
She continued her show carreer in Finland gaining a cc there towards her Fin title.
Under high competition and large entries became Latvian winner 2013 winning bos cc and ib. !!!

The cruftswinner this year in England is a grandson to Sw.Ch. El ubaid's Genesis.

Ch. El Ubaid's Maharadjah became most winning saluki of Nord Rhein West Fhalen in Germany and cup winner!!!



puppies planned Spring 2013

Great news;

Multi ch. Multi winner, multi SBIS winner Multi Bis winner, multi verteran bis winner, multi veteran sbis winner next to winning the Europea dog show bis veteran winner became over 2012;

Saluki of the Year 2012 - El Ubaid's Kalimantan
Winning Saluki of the year 2012 - El Ubaid's Kalimantan
Saluki Veteran of the Year 2012 - El Ubaid's Kalimantan
Jon Memorial Prize 2012 - El Ubaid's Kalimantan
Than in 2012;

European youth winner 2012 became; El Ubaid's Somerian Queen owned by Jessica Snacke in Sweden.

France national youth winner 2012; El Ubaid's Sovereign Persia El Ubaid's Sincerity Isis was BOS on her first show on the Rotterdam international winning youth cc and the adult cc!

The successes champions sired after multi El ubaid's Djoser and even up to his grandchildren became world famous in countries such as Sweden, Finland, Norway, Rusia, France, Ireland,England. All of this is very simular to the achievements of Multi ch. El ubaid's Dignity her children and grand children and great grand children conquering the USA as well, where they don't just achieve their ch. title but also their grand ch. titles.

The Amount of ch. after USA ch. El ubaid's Imatep, even her grand children and great grand children, where breeders tripled, doubled on hger lines or blended her lines with USA ch.jc Ch. El ubaid's Katoucha became uncountable and of such high quality that they even achieve the grand champion titles. El ubaid's Lines have been blended with the Khiva Lines, Timaru lines and many more of respectable breeders and judges. These lines went back to France, Russia, Europe and having major successes.

We are also enormous proud for the many titles multi ch. multi winner El ubaid's Picasso achieved. For the many years Multi ch. El ubaid's Prima Donna has been France national winner and top saluki number 1. It seems the el ubaid's tradion is continueing world wide.

I may not forget the enormous influence of Sw.Ch. El Ubaid's Genesis on the scandinavian stock, the amount of ch, multi ch. after him and even his son that became world winner and his daughter that stood number 1 saluki in England. The Amount of USA ch. that are bred by me and their off springs even became un countable to me.

I can't update all the winnings of my breeding and their direct off springs. It simply would be almost bragging but for sure it is global wise over whelming.

There are litters bred where my lines are doubled , tripled and even four times blended and all in great health, producing great quality.

We congratulate Ch. El Ubaid's Maharadjah's owner with her achievements in Germany. Proud after the German and multi ch. off springs of El ubaid's Gourzhy in Germany.

We also must not ignore that El Ubaid's Quadham, nick name; Kenso, gained over 14 titles and his off springs are doing great;

I like to thank all judges, all breeders and exhibitioners world wide that have brought this enormous succes to my breeding.


News up date 2012

It is a great honor for a breeder to see how in such a short period of breeding, from few litters, how his lines are world wide used, to be found from Iceland to lapland, Russia, Quatar tyo India to USA to Caribeans in the most succesfull way. Almost all contries

between these above mention far a way continents the El Ubaid's lines are used. A bigger acknowledgement of high quality a

breeder can't be given. I like to thank all breeders even those that have problems mentally to deal with a black outspoken breeder that they looked passed me as a person and could not deny the quality of my dogs and breedings, used my lines to up grade the qualty, health and temperament, functionality of their lines.
I am maybe Europe's only breeder that achieved this, exporting over 90% of his stock and exported dogs achieved the highest winnings world wide in countries, where the amount of dogs on regular shows are enormous high. Breeders cam now to a point where they dounble and triple on my lines and no health disorder showed up.

Kennel Khalil in Sweden but than I know there are many dog this but there are two kennels I truly like to point out that have gigven me an enormous satisfaction of how they presered bymy type with breeding;
Kennel Al Qahira in the USA, who doubled on the lines of Of USA ch.El Ubaid's Imatep, who's children achieved great winnings but

now her double grand children, all seem every week to win their major point , achieving their ch. titles with eas.

Thank you, Lillian Murphy and the owners to her breedings.
The kennel that truly has pleased me most, also by the contact we have, by the type produced and I could upload so many photo's of the dogs bred in this kennel that look as pure El Ubaid's and do great winnings in the USA, that it would leave me no space to mention about my own dogs.

Kennel Lady hawk; Don & Deborah Rathliff.

They bred an amazing copy, to multi ch,. multi winner, multi bisw. multi sbis winner, multi veteran bis winner, multi vetran sbos winner El Ubaid's Kalimantan!! Their Biswinner USA Grand Champion; LadyHawks Joshamee on the photo;

Joshamee is sired by Grandh USA ch. Sr.Glory at LadyHawks. Glory is the son to USA ch. El Ubaid's Imatep. Johamee's Dam is USA JC Ch. El Ubaid's Katoucha. Katoucha was lisrted on young age among the top 10 best salukis of the USA as her litter sister Ch. El Ubaid's Khodya.


BISS GCH LadyHawks Joshamee
2012 - shown only a few time this year
BISS - the Saluki Club of Greater San Francisco Specialty
BOS - the Kennel Club of Palm Springs
BOB - the Long Beach Kennel Club
BOB - the Santa Ana Valley Kennel Club
BOB - the Santa Ana Valley Kennel Club
Select Dog - Skyline Dog Fanciers

Update news;

An other amazing beauty bred by kennel Lady Hawks, an almost identical copy to El Ubaid's Bizar.

LadyHawk's Irish Cream CGC
First Place 6-9 Sweepstakes 2008
San Angeles Saluki Club Specialty
First Place 6-9 2008
Saluki Club of America
First Place 6-9 2008
Lompoc Valley Kennel Club

update news 2012

Another grand champion at kennel Lady hawks; Glory at Ladyhawks Glory is the direct son to USA ch. El Ubaid's Imatep, Grandson to Multi ch. jw 98 El ubaid's Dignity and the world famous multi ch. El ubaid's Anastasia's great grand son.

Note; Grand USA Ch. Sr.Glory at Lady Hawks is the planned sired for the next El Ubaid's litter.

GCH Sr.Glory Halelujah of LadyHawk
2012, shown only a few times this year
BOB - Inland Empire Hound Club
Select Dog - Kennel Club of Palm Springs
BOB - Western Hound - Group 2
BOB - Ventura county Dog Fanciers
Select Dog - Lompoc
Award of Merit - Lompoc
Award of Merit - Del Valle Dog Club

Puppies verwacht- puppies expected September 20th....
Sire; Sw &DK Ch.reserve Bisw. El ubaid's Othello
Dam; El Ubaid's Rhama Aisah. Read more under S litter

Tallinn International Dog Show (Estonia) CACIB, BOB and Group Winner Rita Kadike Skadina (LV)

Tallinn International Dog Show (Estonia) Res.CACIB Jelena Kruus (EE)

05.08 Druskininkai International Dog Show (Lithuania) LT CAC, CACIB and BOB Yolanda Nagler Magal (IL)

July 2nd;
El Ugbaid's Quadham " Kenso" was Reserve SBIS in Latvia Sighthound Club Winner Show..also he was awarded as Best saluki head and Best head in Show-2..

Some de lated update show news around Ch.El ubaid's Quadham for 2011, who holds the following titles;

Lithuania TOP SIGHTHOUND 2010
Latvia TOP SALUKI 2010
Cruft's Qualifying 2010, 2011, 2012
Czechia Champion
Poland Champion
Baltic Champion
Lithuania Champion
Latvia Champion
Estonia Champion
Latvia Sighthound Club Champion
Lithuania Sighthound Club Champion
Baltic Junior Champion
Lithuania Junior Champion
Latvia Junior Champion
Estonia Junior Champion

Austria Bundessieger 2009
Baltic Junior Winner 2008
Lithuania Sighthound Club Winner 2009, 2010
Latvia Sighthound Club Winner 2010
Legionowo Winner 2010
Poland Winner'2010
Latvia Winner'2011
Estonia Winner'2011M

Lithuanian Sighthound Club TOP 10

12.06 International DS, Ryga (Latvia)
CACIB, BOB Augusto Benedicto Santos III (PH)
Group Winner Zeferino Jose De Silva (PT)

Reserve Best in Show Winner Judge Martin Croeser (ZA)

11.06 International DS and Cruft's Qualification Show, Ryga (Latvia)
CACIB, Cruft's qualification 2012, BOB Judge Vija Klucniece (LV)
Reserve Group Winner Eli-Marie Klepp (NO)

05.06 International Dog Show "Estonia Winner 2011" (Tallinn, Estonia)
CACIB, Estonia Winner 2011, BOB, BIS3 Martin Croeser (ZA)
Group Winner Fernando Madeira Rodrigues (PT)

04.06 Estonian Sighthound Club Specialty Show (Tallinn, Estonia)
BOS David R.Miller (US)

28.05 Moletai International DS (Lithuania)
LT CAC, CACIB, BOB Tatjana Urek (SI)
Reserve Group Winner Harto Stockmary (FI)

12.03 Latvian Winner'2011 International DS (Ryga, Latvia)
CACIB, Latvian Winner'2011, BOB Alenka Pokorn (SI)

05.03 Kaarina Sighthounds Specialty Show (Turku, Finland)
Best Male-3, Res.CAC (31/66) Barbara Ruth Smith (SE)

27.01 Kaunas All Breed Dog Show
BOB, Group 3 J.Butkiene (LT)

May 8th; Sw & Dk Ch. El Ubaid's Othello (sire to our planned S litter) was again BOS in Denmark Hillörd international show.

Congratulations to Jessica Snäcker(handler) Karin Tülgrenn Johannson (owner) and a big thank you to the judge

Great news;

In Danmark, El Ubaid's Othello gained the cc which made him now Danish and Swedish Ch. 26 Salukis were entered, judge Mrs. Saija Juutilainen, who did give a very nice written rapport on dual ch.El ubaid;'s Othello; 3 years old- well bodied male with excellent skeleton- wonderful head and expression- well placed long ears- strong bite and under jaw- excellent neck- sufficient angulations- strong paws- long tail- carried a little bit high- excellent fur condition- easy mover with good drive- excellent temperament."

This year in Italy, Othello's litter brother the creme El Ubaid's Orpheus also became Italian Champion.

Lithuania show news!

March 19th ;in Lithuanias winner 2011 show multi ch, multi winner El ubaid's Picasso open class 1 Multi ch, multi winner,internatch. multi SBIS and Multi BIS winner El ubaid's Klimantan became Lithuanian winner 2011 Best of Breed and best Sighthound number 1, the Judge was Mrs.Marianne Hol, from FinlandtLatvand Kalimantan was Bob and also Group-1.

March 20th; Lithuania Again El Ubaid's Kalimantan taken the breed and Again El Ubaid's Picasso was best open class dog.

France; Where multi ch.internatch. El ubaid's prima donna won the French national specialty falapa in 2009 and 2010 and was top saluki number 1

Congratulations to their owner and compliments on her handling and thank you for the judges

Very nice since in 2010 the honor of winner in that country was to multi jw ch. multi youth winner, multi ch. multi winner internat ch., 2 times reserve bis winner El ubaid's Quadham nick name; Kenso. Kenso is also Lithuanian top number 1 sight hound of the year. Kenso, El Ubaid's Quadham just became proud father in Russia, he was bred to a granddaughter of Ch. El ubaid's Chirin. March 12th; Quadham "Kenso", also became winner of Latvia 2011 on the international show, went best of breed under the judge; Mrs. Alenka Pokornto from Slovenia.In 2007 and 2008 that honor was to multi jw, multi youth ch. Multi ch. Multi winner internat ch. El Ubaid's Nubis Shah

We congratulate their owner,. handler and thank all the judges for these results.

March 5th; El Ubaid's Dominating Finland's sighthound's specialty

Finland, Kaarina sighthound speciality show Multi ch. Multi winner, multibis and multi sbis winner El Ubaid's Kalimantan was BOB under Barbara Ruth Smith, Sweden (entry 66 salukis). Multi ch Multi winner El Ubaid's Quadham "Kenzo" was second in champion class & PD-3 with RESERVE-CAC and Multi ch. Multi winner El Ubaid's Picasso was fourth in champion class. Kalimantan was also BIS-1 sighthound!

February 19th and 20th national dog show Latvia Valmiera

19.02.2011 BOB & group-5 and new LV CH El-Ubaid's Kalimantan

20.02.2011 BOB & group-3 and new LV CH El-Ubaid's Picasso

First of all we like to wish you all great hollidays and a marvelous succesfull 2011.

We are very satisfied with 2010 even if we have to attempted any shows our selves.

For the second year on the tole Multich. internat ch. El ubaid's Prima donna won the French national Saluki specialty /Falapa.

We are proud of the winnings of El ubaid's Qadham..named Kenso on his tender age;

We are enormous proud of the many best of breed, best of group, bos and bis and sbis winning of Multi ch. internat ch. Sf winner 2008 El ubaid's Kalimantan.

The amount of Salukis, El ubaid's offsprings that achieved their Ch. titles have become un countable in the USA and Europe. Only by Multi ch, internat.ch multi winner, Multi top saluki number 1 EL ubaid's djoser produced 25 ch. off springs.
Even ,luti ch. jw 98 El Ubaid's Dignity her ch. offsprings in the USA became countless, the same for the ch. off springs of El Ubaid's Cheddah.

Proud that Sf.ch. El ubaid's picasso over 74 salukis entered became best of breed Winner of Finland 2010 and even group second !!

Proud of the very young El Ubaid's Othello won in Danmerk best of breed and best in show number 3.Hard on his way to his multi ch. titles.

At the Lithuanian winnershow, it was a marvelous result for El Ubaid's salukis, best of winners male, BOS was El Ubaid's Kalimantan!!! Third best dog El Ubaid's Quadham "kenzo" . Fourth best dog was El Ubaid's Picasso.

We also are very proud of the results of multi junior winner, youth club winner El; ubaid's Quadham called Kenso, who at limited age gained the following titles next to his internat.ch.INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION;Cruft's Qualifying 2010, 2011,Czechia Champion,Poland Champion,Baltic Champion
Lithuania Champion,Latvia Champion,Estonia Champion,Latvia Sighthound Club Champion,Lithuania Sighthound Club Champion,Lithuania Sighthound Club Winner 2009, 2010,Latvia Sighthound Club Winner 2010,Poland Winner'2010,Legionowo Winner 2010
Austria Bundessieger 2009,Baltic Junior Winner 2008,Lithuania Sighthound Club Winner 2009, 2010,Latvia Sighthound Club Winner 2010 Poland Winner'2010,Legionowo Winner 2010, best sighthound in Lithuania in 2008 number 5 as a youngster, at age 2009 Lithuanian sight club top number 2 and hopefully for 2010 will be lithuanian sight hound number 1. Proud of his reserve bis winning, group winnings and multi group placements.

Even if not bred by us but we have been very proud that Sw.Ch.El Ubaid's Genesis became world champion 2010 Even if not bred by us but we have been very proud that multi ch. multi winner, multi top saluki of the year number1 El ubaid's djoser's grandson became youth world winner 2010.

At El Ubaid's for 2011 we have planned a litter.

Today at 10.45 our grand dam, Multi ch. Jw.98 El Ubaid's Dignity crossed the rainbow bridge. Last week she caught a rabbit on one of her fit days. The last years she was often simply window shopping but we held on to the days such as two days ago; when she felt fitted and young and would take a 2miles beach walk with us. Typical El Ubaid's to remain fit and healthy. Yesterday sitting behind my desk, while she as usual was laying on the pillows in my bed, I felt she was looking at me. A different look, her eyes said; Come and path me, hug me. I did and felt her trembling. I felt her fear, looked in her eyes and knew the angel of death had come to take her over the rainbow bridge. Still, we called in the vet but it was clear, the flame was going out.

I insisted she should not die in pain or fear, so she got just for the comfort of my mind tranquilizers, pain killers. This morning she did wake me up; face washing me, trembling again. I knew time had arrived. We hugged, kissed her, assured her, she was safe and should let go, towards the light of eternity.......... she taken her last deep breath at 10.45 and left us devastated behind. We try to comfort us with all the sweet moments she gave us, the friendship, love trust and joy for more than 13 years......Dam to our H, I and M litter, until than.

October 9th
Ceske Budejovice INT show Ch El Ubaid's Quadham 'Kenso' added the Czech Champion title to his list.

October 10th
Legionowo (PL) AllBreeds , Multi junior winner, multi ch, clubwinner, Austrian winner reserve best sighthound 2009 El Ubaid's Quadham nicckname "kenso "' went, BOB, new Polish Champion, Group 1st and Best In Show 3 .

September 19th; Multi Ch. internat ch. top saluki number 1 France 2009, El Ubaid's Prima dona won again the national saluki specialty in France 2010

September 18th ; Lahti Finland, Multi ch. internat ch.Sf winner, multi bis and sbis winner El Ubaid's Kalimantan won Bos under judge Mrs; Monica Wall (SE) Congratulations to his owner and a big thank you to the judge.

Multi ch. intenat ch. Multi bis and multi Sbis winner El Ubaid's Kalimntan, sire to our planned S litter, gain at the all breed show in Porvoo, 12 September again best of breed.


El Ubaid's Othello exported to Sweden;

Othello under high competition and entrees, show results of the weekend 10- 12th of september; Helsingborg 72 salukis were entered of which 13 in the open class was second in his class.Judge mr. Wiemersma from the Netherlands. Sunday 60 salukis were entered at the all breed show 14 salukis were entered in the open class, which Othello did win.Judge;Miklós Levente, Hungary. We congratulate his owner and thank the judges and his handler; Mrs.Jessica Snäcka.


Multi ch. internat ch.Sf winner Multi bis & SBis winner El Ubaid's Kalimantan and multi ch. El Ubaid's Picasso

Kuopio International dog show 6.8.2010
37 salukis
Judge Ann Ingram, UK
group judge Andrew Brace, UK

Kalimantan BOB and group-2

(photo from group)
Tallinna International dog show 21.8.2010
judge Gerard Jipping (NL)
BOB El-Ubaid's Kalimantan

Tallinna international dog show 22.8.2010
judge Jelena Kruus (EE)

BD-2 El-Ubaid's Kalimantan
CC, new EE CH, BD-4 El-Ubaid's Picasso

Helsinki 4.9.2010 all breeds show,
judge A.Th. Stuifbergen-Hoetjes (NL)
entry 30 salukis

BOS El-Ubaid's Picasso

Tampere 5.9.2010 group show
judge Walter Schiker (DE)
entry 49 salukis

BOS El-Ubaid's Kalimantan BD-3 El-Ubaid's Picasso

Show results of Multi youth winner, clubwinner, multi Ch. Austrian winner, internat.ch. El Ubaid's Quadham nickname "Kenso".

Thank you for forwarding these show results. Congratulations to his owner and handler and a big thank you to all judges.

05.09 Great news from Ventspils (Latvia) All Breed DS - Kenso gain CQ, BOB and Res.Group Winner Judge Timothy Finney (Ireland).

29.08 in Bialystok (Poland) International DS Kenso did great: CAC, CACIB, BOB under Judge Lizbeth Mach (CH) and Group 1st (Judge Petru Muntean (RO)

08.08 in Druskininkai (Lithuania) Lithuanian Sighthound Club Speciality Show Kenso's results was brilliant - he gain LT CAC, Lithuanian Sighthound Club Winner'2010", BOB and Res.SBIS under Judge Rita Reyniers (Belgium)

07.08 in Druskininkai (Lithuania) International DS Kenso was LT CAC, CACIB and BOS under Judge Alan Bennet (Canada).

06.08 in Druskininkai (Lithuania) International DS "Dzukijos Summer'2010" Kenso results was amazing: LT CAC, CACIB, BOB under Judge Svante Frisk (Sweden), Group 1st under Judge Luis Manuel Calado Catalan (Portugal) and BIS 3 under Judge Valentina Ivanishcheva (Russia

01.08 in Ryga (Latvia) in "Baltic Sighthound 2010" speciality show, organized by Latvian Sighthound Club Kenso gain CQ,"Latvian Sighthound Club Winner 2010" and BOS under Judge Jean Louis Grunheid (France).

18.07 in Ogre (Latvia) All Breeds DS Kenso gain CAC, BOB and Group 3 under Judge Bronislav Radic (Slovenia).

27.06 in Marijampole (Lithuania) All Breeds DS Kenso was CAC, BOB and Group 2 under Judge M.B.Aleksoski (Montenegro).

20.06 in International DS Moletai Cup'2010 (Lithuania) Kenso was BM2 and Res.CACIB under Judge Espen Engh (Norway).

19.06 in International DS Aukstaitijos Cup'2010, Moletai (Lithuania) Kenso gain great results: LT CAC, CACIB, Cruft's Qualifying 2011, BOS under Judge Markku Mahonen (Finland) International Champion tittle.

12.06 in International DS Ozolnieki (Latvia) Kenso was Res.CACIB under Judge Danielle Dryburgh (Australia)

23.05 in Latvia Sighthound Club Speciality Show (Latvia) kenso BOB under Judge M.Mahonen (Finland). 08.05 in Jonava All Breeds DS (Lithuania) Kenso gain CAC, BOB and BOG 3 under Judge L.Tchistiakova (Russia). 01.05 in Lodze International Dog Show (Poland) Kenso was Res.CACIB which will be confirmed as CACIB under Judge A.Szutkiewicz (Poland).

27.03 International DS "Latvian Winner'2010" - Kenso was 2nd male and Res.CACIB under Judge Arne Foss (Norway).

25.03 Lithuanian Sighthound Club TOP-10 results - Kenso boy became Lithuanian Sighthound Nr.2 of last year... great result !!!.

20.03 Kenso gain Club Winner, BOB and SBIS-3 in Latvian Sighthound Club Speciality Show under Judge Rita Kadike-Skadina (Latvia). He became Latvian Sighthound Club Champion.

14.03 In Vilnius International dog show (Lithuania) Kenso gain CAC, CACIB, BOB under Judge Ole Staunskjaer (Denmark).

In Valmiera (Latvia) All Breeds Shows Kenso results: 20.02 Kenso gain CQ, BOB and Group 1st under judge Harto Stockmari (Finland) 21.02 Kenso gain CQ, BOB and Group 3 under judge Laszlo Erdos (Hungary)

23.01.10 in Kaunas Winter DS'10 Kenso gain CAC, BOB under Judge Natalija Nekrosiene (Lithuania) and BOG 2 under Judge Shamil Abrakimov (Russia).

At the show in Gelsenkirchen in Germany, judge Mrs.de Labelle ( Belgium)

El Ubaid's Maharadjah won the open class

From intermediate class, El Ubaid's Medina's son bred by mr.A. Thomassen, van de Bruinbandt Salukis won the CC.

We congratulate their owners and a big thank you to the judge.

August 10th;

Multi ch. Multi youth ch. Winner El Ubaid's Quadham "Kenso's" results in International DS in Druskininkai(Lithuania): Friday Kenso boy was BOB,Group 1st and BIS3!!! Saturday gentelman was BOS ;) and Sunday in Sighthound Club Speciality he was BOB and Res.SBIS!!! Congratulations to his owner

Münster/ Germany 17th Juli
30 salukis entered.
El Ubaid's Maharadja- BOS
(Ch.Hisilome Chaesar x Multi ch.jw98 El Ubaid's Dignity)
V1, BR =CAC en VDH-CH-A.
Written note by the judge;
4 Years old, musculine head, good expressions, correct scissor bite, correct topline, correct tail setting and carriage , good mover. Congratulations to Wietske and Radja
As usual for Germany, it was a pleasure to show and thanks for all the congratulations from the exhibitioners.
Multi Ch.internat.ch. El Ubaid's Prima Donna won the breed again in France

World winner 2010

June 25th. world dog show news 2010

Saluki Wórldshow results 2010 : WW-2010 CACIB NordCh Dahaqin Asiq Ajaban, Sire ; Sw.Ch. EL UBAIDS GENESIS Dahaqin Asiq Ajaban is bred by Mrs. Agneta Doverfolt, we like to congratulate her with this marvelous well deserve wining of this beautifull parti colour male.
The dog cc winner went to Al Wathba Bahram Al Nadir , bred by Ingela Hägg and Carina Pettersson, he is a grandson to multi ch. multi winner, multi top saluki number 1 El Ubaid's Djoser
Many congratulations to Mrs.Hintzenberg- Freisleben who's multi Ch. Eukeneuba 2009 world winner Dakira Sawahin to achieve the title of world winner 2010.
My compliments and congratulations to all title and cc winners.

Show news from Sweden;

June 21th at the great show ground of Elmia in Jönköping, Sweden. El-Ubaid´s Othello had a very good day! 38 salukis entered the show.

He got CC, CAC, BOS!
Judge: Mr Hans van den Berg, Netherlands. Handler: Jessica Snäcka We like to thank the judge. Congratulations to his owner and handler.

Today in the saluki speciality, Finland entry 180 salukis. Kalimantan 2. in champion class and Picasso 1. in open class and also BD-3, CC and new Finish champion!!! Dogs judge was Carole Beyerle, USA. thank the judge and ciongratulations to their owner.

News from Finland.

23.5 Helsinki International El Ubaid's Picasso won the open class gaining the cc again !!! Judge was Leif Lehman Jörgensen, DK
22.5 Hamina International dog show 22.5. El Ubaid's Picasso BOS, CC and CACIB! Judge Miroslav Zidar (SI). El Ubaid's Picasso did some major winnings even groups, have to find back that news.....

I have not been able, being too occupied to upload the great winnings of El Ubaid's since the beginning of this year. But for sure there are a lot of winnings made as usual every year by El Ubaid's and theIr off springs world wide. I followed many homepage world wide using El Ubaid's and their off springs. Due to the fact that my homepage and e-mail were cracked, a lot of winning news got lost. I know that even El Ubaid's Picasso made some wonderfull winnings. It has no use to falL into a lot of bragging when one's lines are used so widly spread world wide.It became hard to trace back which country,which breeder has not used dogs, off springs to ones lines. in my homepage. Each litter page tells titles achieved, every year. Every year, inspite all, breeders chose more and more the lines , off springs of El Ubaid's. Still, I will once in a while update some happy show news here.


April 18th; Multi ch. multi Bisw.Sf.winner internat.ch. El Ubaid's Kalimantan
Vaasa international dog show judge Jelena Kruus, Estonia (entry 42 salukis) Kalimantan BOB!!!
April 14th, I am having some difficulties getting the new homepage started..

April 5th,I got the news that multi ch.Sf.winner internat.ch.Bisw.El Ubaid's Kalimantan had just won an other bis. Kalimantan today in Lappeenranta all breeds show BIS-1, judge Agnes Gamani Kertes, Israel and group judge was yesterday Maret Kärdi, Estonia. And Picasso BD-4 and res cc.

El Ubaid's Quadham "Kenso"

Achieved the Austrian winner titles, won as well in Italy, gained the following titles;

Lithuanian Champion Latviann Champion Estonian Champion Baltic Champion Austrian Bundessieger'09 Estonian Junior Champion Latvian Junior Champion Lithuanian Junior Champion Baltic Junior Winner'08 Baltic Junior Champion Latvian Sighthound Club Champion

Lithuanian Sighthound Club TOP 10
2009 - #2
2008 - #5

He won;J CAC x5, 26 times the cc, 9 times reserve cc, 7 times the ib, twice Bos, 19 times best of breed , twice BOS, best of group 4times number4, best of group 3 times numer 5, best of group 2 times number 3, best of group number 1, best in show number 5, best in show number 3, Reserve best in show.

Even this year as he was reserve winners dog at his tender age at the prestigious Latvian winnershow, I was simply impressed and breath taken by his movement, elegance and construction. It had been years a dog impressed me that much with his movement. For 2010 Kenso, Multi ch.Multi winner,Multi youth winner, El ubaid's Quadham, Kenso made a great start with the following winnings;

27.03 International DS "Latvian Winner'2010" Res.CACIB Arne Foss ( (NO)

20.03 Latvian Sighthound Club Speciality Show Club Winner, BOB, SBIS-3 Rita Kadike-Skadina (LV)

14.03 Vilnius International dog show, Lithuania CAC, CACIB, BOB Ole Staunskjaer (DK)

21.02 Valmiera All Breeds Shows, LatviaCQ, BOB and Group 3rd Laszlo Erdos (HU)

20.02 Valmiera All Breeds Shows, Latvia CQ, BOB and Group 1st Harto Stockmari (FI)

23.01 Kaunas Winter DS'10, LithuaniaCAC, BOB, BOG 2 Natalija Nekrosiene (LT)

Shamil Abrakimov


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