Fleetwind's Apollo x Multi ch. El Ubaid's Guinevere 2008

The temperament and quality of this dog,sire to this litter, his skull, strong boned ,movement , strenght, functionality and elegance,marvelous angulation,simply impressed me a lot. Apollo is bred by Mr.Popick in the USA, he has nothing to with fleetwin's Salukis in South Africa. I am impressed with this dog from the USA because, I followed his pedigree, the Kiabe lines (Great old daxlore lines bred by Mrs.Eillen skellton-fortune) already in the 80ties and beginning 90ties as there was a litter with thse lines blended with the striking beauty of El Hamra Lattif.

His only minor would be to say as he arrived in cold Netherlands his nose pygmantation faded a way, however with his colour that is allowed in the breed standard. Multi Ch. El Ubaid's Guinevere has marvelous pygmentation .

Apollo is very loved by us, he was so enormoys gentle but severe being dominated by an other youngster I had imported. That youngster would bite him, attack him even did not allow him to eat. There was no way to return that youngster to it's breeders. After long talks with Apollo's breeder, we taken the only solution, returning Apollo to his breeder but I will always miss him.

Thank you, Mr.Popick.

El Ubaid's Orpheus owned by kennel Lilly Rose made his junior winning and not even age two won his first cc and ib and group third placement. He sired the first Lilly Rose saluki litter as he sired Multi Jw.Ch. El Ubaid's Nadjah Ishtar.

I thank Mrs.N.Betti for the photo's.

Othello also won the breed and group second at young age.

Othello is exported to Sweden to the owner of his grandsire Mrs.Karin Tüllgrun. He has been blessed to spend a long time with his grandsire "Morris" Ch.Bisw.Red Hawks Harun Al Rashid, who almost reached aged 15 in perfect health.

I thank Jessica Bollander and Mrs. Marie Palmqvist for the photo's

Oh Live ( photo pending)

Oh live wenrt with her sire back to the USA and made out of very young class her first points to her USA ch. title. As informed Oh live will be bred back to her sire.
A bitch out of this litter , Omadai, went to kennel Sulaymania in Belgium and most likely will be bred from.

Pedigree O litter link (klick mee)

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