El Ubaid's Bizar x Srinagar Manuyatu Durga

Spring 2005 El Ubaid's Bizar, was 10 years, in excellent health, still running and hunting and I feel he did pass his magnificant qualities to his offspring. Therefore, I have selected him for my N Litter. El Ubaid Salukis remain in ,even as veterans and still able to produce without problems.
He also produced a litter age 12 at van der kleiheuvel salukis.

Bizar was only shown twice going BOS from open class, CC and IB. I feel he would have made an oustanding show dog but his owners were not interested in showing. A breeder must realise that some of their best dogs may end up in non-show homes as long as they are deeply loved as family members. Bizar has continued good health throug out his years and has been a great family companion to his owners.

Bizar, from my B litter, shows great beauty as all his litter mates.

El Ubaid's Bizar age 10

Srinagar Manuyatu Durga

Multi junior winner, Dutch champion; El Ubaid's Nadjah Ishtar

Belgium youth winner 2006, luxemburg youthwinner 2006, Dutch saluki club youth winner 2006,Only shown 5 times in the open class in 2007 to spring 2008 , won four times, BOS or BOB breed ,Grouplacements and became there by Dutch ch.

She was and will remain as multi ch. El Ubaid's Guinevere and Srinagar Durga, the dogs of my heart that I will miss for ever.

End 2008, due tp private circumstances, they were homed for ever with others. Nadjah lives in Italy at kennel Lilly Rose, where in 2010 spring she became dame to a litter sired by El Ubaid's Orpheus.

El Ubaid's Nostalgia

Nostalgia pictured at 9 months;

It is hard for a breeder, since in this litter I wished I had been rich, I would have kept each single puppy myself. Actually, I prefered the sounder build Nostalgia but there was immidiately at birth, a certain bound with Nadjah. Nostalgia went to Italy, she only lacked one cc to finish her ch. title but as her owner, at kennel Dahabi claims, she is only 64 cm 21.5 inch and on Italian show scene they prefer bitches a lot higher. However in 2010 Nostalgia produced at the Dahabi the Y litter.

USA Ch. El Ubaid's Nasim

Maybe due to the lost of my beloved Anastasia that I handed over and did let go some matters. Nasim was homed with Kahabra in the USA and would be line bred with each other.Due private circum stances their owner could not keep them. My partner flew over and bought them back and was suppose to fly back with them. It was quit a troubled period for me. For some mysterious reason, my partner arrived home wiuth Kahabra, we must have arranged while he was there that Nasim could be re-homed with Lakia's owner. However, as he came home and showed me the photographs he had taken from Nasim, I could have "strangled" him. It was my dream dog. I am sure, he must bring a lot of joy to his owner and I am proud of his achievements.

There was not such a thing as picking out the best male, at the period of 8 to 12 weeks, all the males looked so uniform. Ech one was of ch. quality, all would depend on the future owner or handler. We picked this male out for Ilona and we can be proud of what she achieved with him. How she cares and loves her dogs. This dog is El Ubaid's Nubis shah not be mistaken with El Ubaid's Nubis ishtar khan who lives in the Netherlands with R.Koppes
El Ubaid's Nubis shah, simply known as Nubis salukis to be found on the internet became the most winning , titled El Ubaid's ever.
These are his official titles all achieved at age of 3 years ( 12 official titles);

Baltic Champion
Lithuanian Champion
Latvian Champion
Estonian Champion
Polish Champion
Baltic Junior Champion
Lithuanian Junior Champion
Latvian Junior Champion
Estonian Junior Champion
Lithuanian Sighthound Club Champion
Latvian Sighthound Club Champion

Lithuanian Sighthound Club TOP 10
2008 - #1
2007 - #2
2006 - #7

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