Multi Ch. El Ubaid's Dignity's third litter and last litter, she was not bred for 3 years !!

I used Sw. Ch.Hisilome Cheasar at stud.

He combined strenght, sex type, body and elegance. A great floating movement in a ring that was way too small. Great front angulation, moderate hind agulation. A true classic type. Small details which we seem to lose in the breed such as nice oval feeth, a nice long scalp with just a touch of stop in the head. That typical dreamy saluki expression. Wonderfull outgoing temperament and wonderfull kind owners, I thank them and kennel Hisilome. Cheasar achieved high age in full health. His pedigree combined lines of my C and B litter.

El Ubaid's Medina

El Ubaid's Medina , went the Italian grey hound breeder, Mr.A.Thomassen, kennel van der Bruinbrandt in the Netherlands. She won two cac's and large entree of shows but her owner has no interest in showing. She has produced by 2010, two litters.

El Ubaid's Maharadjah

Maharadjah is attemping shows by occassion in the hands of a novice face in show world and novice handler. Who get's very confused since one Dutch judge is telling her, her dogs is too proud of his tail, meaning the tail is not hidden between the hind legs when he goes around the ring than she trains her dog to keep his tail between his hind legs, arrives at a German judge and get's the comment; Thought the dogs tale was broken since he should use his tail as a stear when moving. Nevertheless, all these confusement Maharadjah is a dog, I adore.

Pedigree M litter link (klick mee)

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