This had to become my most succesfull litter, from the 8th, seven of them achieved their champion titles. The sire was my most favourite son I bred out of my beloved Anastasia who looked the most as his dam but that with all that is needed to give him the sex type as a male. El Ubaid's Cheddah.I taken a year from 2003 as I imported Durga to 2004, to bound with her, get her stable, obedience and in condition before breeding with her.

El Ubaid's Cheddah

Srinagar Durga.

This litter contains the following;

USA ch. El Ubaid's Srinagar Khodya owned by Barbara House... photo pending

USA Ch. El Ubaid's Srinagar Katoucha, owned by the family Ratliff.She has produced a marvelouys succesfull litter out of a son from USA ch. El Ubaid's Imatep.

These bitches at limited age achieved their ch title and stood ranked in the top 10 bitches within the USA. Katoucha is bred under the kennelname, lady hawks and her children at limited age, are enormously succesfull

USA. Ch. El Ubaid's Srinagar Khalif, photo pending, he used several times at stud by Srinagar kennels also line bred to a grand daughter of Multi Ch. El Ubaid's Dignity.

USA. Ch. El Ubaid's Srinagar Khardous, owned by Afghan breeders in Texas, USA, 9 months on photo's.

Multi ch. Findland winner, Multi biswinner, internat.ch. El Ubaid's Kalimantan

Multi internat. ch. El Ubaid's Kahabra
Kahabra is owned by kennel Dahabi in Italy and bred from on a keen way.

Youth world champion 2005, El Ubaid's Khurasan.1 year old on photo

Racing champion El Ubaid's Kheditza , produced a singlethon litter under the kennelname of Abu Hakim, in Finland. Owners to her great and grand sire.

El Ubaid's Kromantie Khan only needing one ib to be international champion. "khayal" has produced my R litter and used twiced at stud at kennel Dahbi and those two litters after him are extremely succesfull at young age already.

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