Jw.2005 winner 2006 Ch. Khalils Norsken Bin Djaal Djoser

I had wanted to breed my J litter according to aphabetic order. However, every attempt to produce my J litter, often by insimination it was un succesfull. Maybe a bit super spuvcious, I went a head with the alpabeth and waited untill the time was there to create my J litter.

I truly believed in this combination and even if my J litter present only two males. The males are out of such a marvelous quality, I had wanted to keep both.


Srinagar Durga, dam to J litter.

However, traggic news, demanding me to move for unknown period to Suriname would change everything. I don't consider Suriname the country to take dogs to besides guardian dogs but for sure not dogs that are a costume to live in doors and be treathed as family members.

I refused to board my dogs in so-called boarding houses, locked up for un known period in out doors, even if they are heated kennels.Treathed as catle. Neither did I felt it was wise to give them to breeders for nothing or to make them end up as endless brood bitches or stud dogs.

My partner due to circum stances, could not stay in racist and homofobic surrounding by his own, taking care after my beloved dogs. Even if I offered for me to stay and him to go to Suriname, the idea to leave me behind in a risky surrounding drove him crazy.

He was more focused on emigrating totally to Suriname, while to me it was clear I had to return since almost all my family members and friends do live in Europe. He had by 2008 endured so much un ethical matters from dog scene that it as well combined, with the surrounding we were living in, it became too much deal with.

So, El Ubaid's Justin time left with the other El Ubaid's with greeve in my heart.That greeve and missing will be there forever. I have one comfor, they went into the best home available, ever to be found. .


El Ubaid's Justin Time


El Ubaid's Jin Jang Black Diamond.

Pedigree J litter link (klick mee)

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