multi ch. El Ubaid's Anastasia

Ch.Bisw.Red Hawks Harun Al Rashid.

Ch.Bisw.Red Hawks Harun Al Rashid.

In 1997,in Denmark, I met CH Red Hawk Harun Al Rashid, a magnificant Saluki with BISS winning and a nice temperament. Sound, functional and great movement, he did not make a thing on that European show, I asked his handler and breeder to show him out doors to me so I could photograph him, I was taken and in love.To me, we hardly see salukis moving truly correct in every detail and well constructed and this dog had it all. "Morris as Harun was called lived untill age 15 in full health. There has been a lot of bad mouthing concerning this litter regarding the age of Anastasia, she was 10 heading 11 years. However, I would not advice people to breed from bitches on such a high age but Anastasia was a remarkable bitch. After every heat cyclus, I had the costume to take my bitches to the university of animal health care. To be sure, no cancer has develloped or infection or what ever, thyroid testing and so in, all since 1997. As the specialist went over her , even gums, teeth all, blood test all, she said to me; This is the most incredible bitch of such a high quality, great temperament but what leaves us speechless, this bitch has the total condition of a 5 year old. I laughed and said; Well, it is remarkable by accident, I had simply placed her in Champion class and not in veteran class 1 month ago. She won from 43 salukis the bred, than the group and reserve bis over 5000 dogs. I went on; When she won the breed I was speechless, the judge came and talked with me and I told him; You made this bitch best of breed in the Netherlands when she was age 4. He looked at me and said; can't be the last time I judge in the Netherlands must have been maybe 6 years or longer ago. I laughed and answered; Yes, it was when you made this bitch win. He went speechless and asked me; How old is she ? I answered 10 heading 11. He answered; I thought she was a 4 maybe 5 year old bitch. How Marvelous!!!

The lady of the university laughed and said; Yes, she is incredible, why don't you breed her again? I told her; No, she is way too old. She joked and said; Well, I would say , No, to any one with a bitch this age but since I see this bitch , have all her test results, she could easily produce a litter with her condition. So, after a lot of consideration, I did and with eas she produced a marvelous litter.

multi Ch.Internat.reserve WW 2005 El Ubaid's Guinevere, above all achieved exactly in one year in a day at only 12 shows!

Multi Ch.El Ubaid's Guinevere, my pick in the litter. I only started showing Guinevere in 2005 within one year of showing only once a month, she became luxemburg champion, Dutch Ch. Argentinian Ch.Internat.Ch. and reserve world winner 2005 and is with 4 shows in Germany, she has won 3 times and only needs one more cc to her German and vdh title. Guinevere became dam to my O litter. Due to private circumstances she now lives in the palace of the royals in Qatar, with their own vet, own staf to take care after her and other El Ubaid's. All manged by the Dutch Mrs.H. Maasdijk. I could not have found a better home or placement for my beloved salukis.


Gourzhi was actually placed in thhe home of El Ubaid''s Charbah. It was my first time to have the impression to have produced a none champion quality puppy. His former owner was not interested in a show quality saluki, without informing, she decided to re-home Gourzhi to a German breeder, von der Irminsul. In spite all, He produced some marvelous top winning salukis and his lines are to be found in many top winning kennels in the Netherlands and Germany.

Sw.Ch. El Ubaid's Genesis

Sw.Ch. El Ubaid's Genesis is exported to Sweden to kennel Khalil. He achieved his ch. title at limited age. He produced many champions and is used so much at stud and different kennels. The Swedish kennelclub to make sure gene poles remain expanded to bennfit the breed, that a dog is not allowed to sire more than a certain amount of litters. His lines went to England and many other countries and his off springs did remarkable high winnings- achievements.

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