Multi Ch. Maghada Shenaz


Multi ch.internat.ch.El Ubaid's Cadiya

The sire of this litter, I admired a lot. I had prefered to use him on El Ubaid's Empress, that would have been to me the perfect combination. I was put onder emtional pressure to use this dog by Multi ch. El Ubaid's Cadiya's owner to use this dog on Cadiya. Cadiya I actually had wanted to breed to sw.ch. Khalil's Bairaq Djar djalal

To me this was truly a classic saluki , very modest and a sound correct without any exgerrations. It was a litter of great high quality and well nursed by Cadiya's owner. Due to the emotional pressure, I taken totally emotionally distance of this litter and considered it in spite of the high quality salukis it produced a waiste of time and energy. A waisted litter, a waisted stud of a great classic Saluki and a waist of a litter produced by a marvelous bitch.

Still, this litter brought joy to some that owned them. There were no health problems or whatever in this litter.

It produced two champions but sure all were of champion quality.

USA Ch. El Ubaid's Figaro ( photo pending)

I was informed he would have been very spooky of temperament. Not usual for my breeding.


Saluki of the year 2001 in Germany Ch.El Ubaid's Faustus.


Saluki of the year 2001 in Germany Ch.El Ubaid's Faustus.

Indeed none of these in the litters were ever used by me or any body else. A dead end. However Cadiya's litter brother Cheddah made more than up for me.

Pedigree F litter link (klick mee)

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