Multi Ch.Biswinner Kirman Laertus


Multi ch. Skokloster-tamsvikBisw


Multi Ch.El Ubaid''s Anastasia 8 weeks in whelp and still hunting

Multi ch. Skokloster-tamsvikBisw. (Europe's largest sight hound show)Kirman Laertus- Multi Ch.El Ubaid''s Anastasia 8 weeks in whelp and still hunting.)

In 1997 as I went to Finland to mate my Anastasia to produce my D litter, we went to a show. That's were I saw Kirman Ashira, I could not fault her, she had a head to dream a way. The lenght of loins I like to see in a saluki and all elegance. Than came a very young black and silver male very playfull but a striking elegance. As I looked in my cataloque I saw it was Ashira's son.Laertus. I felt I should expand gene poles. A way actually from my lines and search for American blood lines that would not be exggareted. Than, I found out that kennel Kirman in Finland, who's lines up to than would be in all the sires lines I used at stud, had actually used American blood lines. I called and wanted to use Kirman Cashmar, however, he was already too old. So, I researched further and came across a photo of Aziz Jaguar. I called Aziz, since I am the type of person, no matter, disagreements, bad words, I put all of my feelings a side if I think to bennefit the breed. A good dog or a dog that is usefull for a good combination, no matter who bred him, should be used.

Wars and clan formings and the evill side of dog breeding does not bennefit the breed. I try to rise above that in my goal towards the breed.

Everybody has their own way of dealing with this sport but Aziz Jaguar was not available for me and looking back, I do not regret.

So, I turned back to kennel Kirman and found there Laertus, 4 years old in meanwhile and simply one hell of a striking beauty. I am very impressed with his off springs at kennel sim sim.

Well, the entire litter reached age 11, not a single case !!! Well, If any thing ever went wrong with the placement, homing a litter in breeding, unfortunately it would be this litter.

I made a big fault, in full trust I shipped 4 males to the USA, shipment and their purchase fee would be paid after a month. It never was while the dogs were already registries at the receivers name at the DKC. I refused to ship up the pedigrees but as DKC informed me and the receiver; They could not help or intrefere in this part, the receiver could simply have the pedigrees for all 4 dogs on their name for not even 40 USA dollars, a dog. I lost thousand and thousands but also my pick dog. Many years later, I would found out all 4 dogs had develloped to enormous beauties, great character and great health but had been castrated out of anger by the receiver, who simply even refused to pay the 40 us dollars for the pedigrees that were already on their name.

There was left Emir, whom I had given to the Al Sawaray breeder. unfortunately inspite of all his beauty and succes, they never bred from him. He would have been a perfect match to their multi ch. El Ubaid's Devine Duchess.


multi ch.internat.ch. El Ubaid's Emir

I handled Emir with eas over lage entries he gained his titles;German, VDH, Luxemburg .International ch and he was 3 times BOS, gaining the cc and ib in the Netherlands. He needed one more cc to become Dutch ch. but I was tired by than from dog show scene. He only been untill than shown 3 times in the Netherlands winning all 3 times.

El Ubaid's Empress, the obedience

Emperor and Empress were and are living now age 11 at my sincere friend Hilde kristien. She got so frightened of the violence of dog show scene that she decided to castrate Emperor . No other person owning an El Ubaid's male and wanting to be the best winner, should consider her dog competition or taken an effort to harm him. Thank God, I was allowed to breed from Empress, my P litter. I think due to agressivity of the Dutch show scene, I showed Empress only once !! I was out of no where by 1995 to 2002 top breeder. Not very appreciated by other breeders because of competition anger.

Still since my goal was to get some expanded genepoles, all the lines in Laertus I already had beside the part of Ranesaw. In 2003, I was there for enormous lucky that I had been able to import Srinagar Durga , who was strongly line bred on these Ranesaw lines and other lines I had admired from the USA. So, thinking back in 2010, even how great my E litter has been if I had known I would have puchised Srinagar Durga I would not have bred it. Still, due to my E litter doubling on Sf.Sw.Race Ch. Kirman Osman, I came top realise how healthy my breeding is.

Pedigree E litter link (klick mee)

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