Multi ch. Bisw.WW1995 Wallaby's Karram Khiyar

Multi Ch. El Ubaid's Anastasia in the USA

I actually tried to insiminate Anastasia with deepfrozen semen of enormous high quality of Multi race Ch.Sf.show ch. Abdelkader ,sire to Nordwart Said Hakim (sire to my c litter). Unfortunately to my big dissapointment it did not take.

I had followed Khiyar his sire, who was simply a marvelous chocolate and Khiyar as he became on young age worldwinner, his movement and elegance was super!

If Anastasia has ever been in love with any dog that mated her, it was with Khiyar, we had a great time in Finland and Sweden.

Now in 2010 all turned age 10 to heading age 13.

Now my D litter is a marvelous litter, very strong boned and sound, functional gazel hunters. I think this litter contained the best bitches after Anastasia while in my C litter the best males after her were found.

I like to thank, Dr. Martin Kappen in Eersel for this and Mr. J. Reinders and Mrs.M. Nikkula. Hakim was derby winner, star printer winner, Lc Ch.Race Ch. and Sf beauty ch. before age 3!

A large litter where all achieved age 10 to 14 in full health !


El Ubaid's Djoser


El Ubaid's Djoser

International Champion
Holland Champion
German Champion
French Champion
Belgian Champion
Swedish Champion
Nl Top Saluki 99
Nl Top Saluki and
2 sighthound 2000
Winner Amsterdam 2000 and 2001
Bundessieger 2004

Multi Ch. etc etc...El Ubaid's Djoser , I handled towards some of his titles. Djoser , sired two litters at kennel Khalil, the second Khalil's L, a large litter where almost each easily became ch.

The khalil's second N litter

A litter at kennel Tadj Mahal in Belgium

A litter at kennel Simheart. all full healthy geneticly litters.

We find off springs of Djoser all over Europe, the amount of multi ch. after him are enormous high, even grandchildren to him easily achieve their ch.title Even in England his lines and in the USA, there are off springs of him.


Multi Ch, El Ubaid's Devine Duchess

Multi Ch, El Ubaid's Devine Duchess; Luxemburg Youth Winner 1998, (outdoor specialty) Best in Show Sight hound Youth Winner at the great Donaueschingen Specialty (Germany) 1998. She was also Winners Bitch at a great National Specialty in Germany in 1999. She also finished her ch. titles very easy.She had her group winning , reserve Biss in show as I handled her. She became Dutch,German and V.D.H. champion, Lux and international champion. She became foundation bitch to the El Sawahray kennel. Her off springs went into other kennels and there are champions after her.


Ch. El Ubaid's desert queen el gissou

Ch. El Ubaid's desert queen el gissou, a fantastic quality bitch, she had a dark liver coloured nose and there for her owner refused to show her. She was Dutch saluki club youthwinner 1998. She made some topwinning as a verteran and so please that age 12 heading 13 she is the same active and great condition as my own Multi ch.Multi jw. El Ubaid's Dignity. As a veteran she became Dutch ch. She became foundation bitch to the kennel El Gissou. There are champions after her and her kids went all over Europe. So, her lines as well, will be found in many salukis and contribute to the succes of El Ubaid's breeding. Maybe I should have shown her but my hands were full, showing many other salukis, not owned by me but bred by me.

* ** El Ubaid's Diva ( photo pending ) exported to the USA to kennel Razulli. A very elegant creme bitch. She became dam to a large all champion litter. Her daughter was listed as the number 1 top racing saluki 2006 in the USA.


8 years on photo / Multi ch.Multi Jw. El Ubaid's Dignity

Multi ch.Multi Jw. El Ubaid's Dignity, Dignity had the bad luck that she was sf ch. lux. ch, Dutch ch. jw 98 at the age of 27 months. I was so occupied handling her litter mates owned by others, that she was left home and I did not proceed showing her. An other bad luck was my great love for her dam Anastasia. My love to Anastasia was incredible and over shadowed the love I had for all others. Still after her dam Anastasia died, I did fall back for two years in enormous grieve. In 2005, I taken Dignity at the age of 8 to an international show, where she easily won the breed and finished her German and V.Dh. title as well.
As a certain Belgium breeder than all ready started to claim it would be a worthless bitch, I re- drawm myself, from show scene with my old Dignity. From 2005 up to now 5 years long, she became the bitch that showed me so much love and bounding and made me realise, how much I do value and love her. Dignity and her off springs have the habbit to talk, truly try to talk as humans and we can keep conversations. Amazingly, since even if my partner takes her for a walk and she starts her talking to me, I can tell him; She told me that as you went out, you bought something to eat and did not give her a piece or so on. Up to today, it leaves him speechless. Dignity is dam to my H, I and M litter. Her off springs are enormous in the USA , Scandinavia, Netherlands, England and achieved their ch. titles very easily.

Pedigree D litter link (klick mee)

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