Multi ch. Oazis Al Sharq Bassam


Multi Junior Winner El Ubaid's Aphrodite

t was great honour to use Bassam, he was a fantastic dog. His breeders , owners at that time had the choice between El Ubaid's Anastasia and Aphrodite, they chosen for Aphrodite, wwho extremly heavily feathered and elegant already at age 2. There two Dutch judges that known my interrest in Scandinavian lines, who had judged the very young Bassam. They were very impressed and adviced me to use that dog. Understandable but unfortunately the owner to El Ubaid's Aphrodite decided she had seen enough of the dogscene, to lose joy in the dog sport of showing. Bassam in honest way and with eas achieved the following titles;

International, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Nordic, Netherlands, Luxemburg, German, German Club, Danish, Danish Club and European Champion. Bassam won titles in more countries than any Swedish Saluki.

1997 Saluki Dog of the Year, Sweden
1997 Hound of the Year, Denmark
1998 Saluki Dog of the Year, Denmark
Top Hound 1998.
BIS 1995 Eindhoven International
BIS 1997 Show Skokloster
BOS 1997 Skokloster
Amsterdam Winner-94,
Winner Berling-95,
Brussel Winner-95,
European Winner-95/96,
Luxemburg Winner-96, Nordic Winner-98


El Ubaid's Aphrodite

El Ubaid's Aphrodite with the very few weeks old El Ubaid's B litter, Aphrodite died age 15 almost 16 remained in great health and ondition. Her dam Sulaymania Nadjah Ishtar was almost age 17 in full health !



Bellophor was a striking beauty, not very often found such deep black grizles with pale markings, he was enormously heavily feathered. He was an eye catcher. Dutch Dk, jw.1995 winner 1996, top saluki number 1 in 1996. He was sold back to me late 1997, due to private circumstances of his owner. Midle 1998, his former owner got higher offers, he could buy the dog from me and re-sell him.I refused, it lead to a court case, which I won. Bellophor produced a beautifull litter at kennel Dálfabia in Belgium. They never bred with his off springs. Semen of him went to South Africa and disappeared. A litter was produced after him in the USA. We invested enormous money to have that litter going, advertisements in the USA, competing with a number of dogs of mine on Kentucky 2000.The agreement was not kept.Our pick puppy was refused, which lead to the diccission NOT to co-work on having that litter regristries.However, years later as I still tried to registrate that litter, Mrs.C.Kemple at AKC, explained it would have been impossible any way.According to AKC rules if a natural mating finds place in the USA both parents have to be AKC registries. Bellophor died in 2003 and his dead made us learn a lot about the virus canine infectious ( link to health issues)



Luxemburgischer Jugend Champion `96 VDH Europajugendsieger `96 Deutscher Bundessieger `98 Landessieger Nordbayern `99 Landessieger NRW `00 Landessieger Rheinland `00 Landessieger Hessen-Thüringen `00 & `01 Landessieger Sachsen `01 Landessieger Baden-Kurpfalz `01 Deutscher Champion und VDH Champion

Barnabas sired 2 litters at kennel Pariwass in Germany and was owned by that kennel. He was an amazing grizle. He also sired a full healthy and great litter at kennel El Mahub in Germany. I felt the blending of Barnabas to desert lines has been very beautifull and interesting , stood for health.His descendents are all over Scandinavia and Europe and in full health.


El Ubaid's Bizar

El Ubaid's Bizar, the miracle,he got his name since he was borned totally blue coated. He was shown once as a youngster in 1995 at Dutch winner show and was reserve youth winner behind his brother Bellophor. Gained 2cc's,bos, on the only two shows he entered. Bizar and sired my N litter at age 11. Bizar was even used at stud age 12 at kennel van der kleiheuvel in Netherlands which lead to a singlethon puppy. Bizar reached age 13 almost 14 in full health. Bizar produced my N litter, many requested a stud from him. The owners of Bizar never cared about showing but they simply enjoyed the magnificent character and beauty of their beloved family member. I am very gratefull

with these life time long friends. The off springs of Bizar are to be found all over Europe and the USA.



Batiste sired my L litter, Batiste reached age 13 almost 14 in full health He produced my L litter at age 11, only two puppies .Batiste his owners never cared about showing but they simply enjoyed the magnificent character and beauty of their beloved family members. I am very gratefull with these life time long friends. Batist was the strong sound deer catcher, up to age 13

Pedigree B litter link (klick mee)

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