2014 | U Litter

El ubaid's Nubian Kadin known as Prince (Sire) and El Ubaid's Prima Diva (Dam)

This litter should have taken place 4 years ago and planned almost 7 years ago.
But it is as usual everybody tried to double cross this litter from happening.
Litter mates of both sire and dam vanished promises and agreements were broken.

However, things have their own way and miracles happen in an almost magical way.
In 2013 all of a sudden we were able to get El Ubaid's Nubian Kadin back who became our Prince.
After he ran all health testing he became sire of our marvelous El ubaid's T litter of which several
attending show made great winnings, already pointed to their ch. title not even age 11 months.
Best of breed puppies, youngsters and BOS puppies on large competition.

It was amazing as almost the end of 2013, we got a call and were able purchase El Ubaid's Prima Diva back.
Who only had one litter but regarding her age, we were in a time pressure. Since the DKC does not allow
litters from a bitch older than 8 years. We ran Diva's testing and crossed fingers for her to start heat and
God blessed us, she did.

On January first we were blessed as a new years gift, with the birth of our T litter. Containing seven puppies
four bitches and three males.

We consider this a reward for the enormous hard time we had homing Khalil's Gamida, nursing her
and her breeders/owners and handlers for weeks and making it possible for her to achieve the world title.
A reward for the hard times we had with the Srinagar breeder finally years of investing, enormous money
lost and emotional pain having of springs of Srinagar Durga. A reward of the many years breeding,
dedication and persistence in the most.
in meanwhile known world wide racist environment for black, the Netherlands, where it comes to the sport
of dog breeding. A sport considered only strictly for whites.

The joy we have with our U Litter and their quality is to us again a master achievement.

At age of 4 weeks this litter was already full booked.


Bitch age 6 weeks El Ubaid's Universal Panthea. (Kept by breeder)

Export France | Bitch age 6 weeks El Ubaid's Uriëlle

Export Ireland | Bitch age 6 weeks El Ubaid's Utopia Mandana

Export USA | Bitch age 6 weeks El Ubaid's Universal Challenge

Export Cyprus | Bitch age 6 weeks El Ubaid's Urban Hero Amir Ucello

Export Great Britain | Bitch age 6 weeks El Ubaid's Unlimited Passion

Export Sweden | Bitch age 6 weeks El Ubaid's Union Avalon

See for more information this link.