MULTI CH.EL UBAID'S DIGNITY, dam to i litter.

MULTI CH.EL UBAID'S DIGNITY, dam to i litter


The male I returned home with from Houston:

Al Gazara's Byzanthium. parents to Algazara's Byzanthium

;USA ch. Kentucky Bisw.Jen Araby Farouk. Ernaast invoegen photo; Elysianfieldsalgazaraalcouza, tekst onder die photo; USA Ch. Elysian Fields Al Gazara's Alcouza

sire to USA Ch. Elysian fields Al Gazra's Acouza :Multi Ch. Kentucky BOS winner Al Gazara's Hamzah.

I consider this a great quality litter.

After consulting our university hospital I mated Dignity. I always consult the university of animal health care in Utrecht before mating any bitch, to know she is in perfect heakth condition, thyroid testing , von willebrandt disorder and many other things which can be detected. I want to make sure the bitch is fit and heathy to have a litter. No litter is worth risking the life of a bitch. I drive vet crazy the last 10 days that the bitch is in whelp and might visit them every day. I never bred a bitch after a litter on her next heat cyclus. I do not find it ethical and always thinks, feel it takes a bitch at least a good year to recover from a litter. However, Dignity was found fitted and well.

The only reason for this high exception was that I had temporary boarded Byzanthium due to the fact that I was nursing than him and his litter sister Bethseba and my just whelped G and H litter.This was the time I was making the publication on my homepage concerning the virus canine hepatitus infectious and some getting worries. A certain clann owning dogs of mine were very against my publications . They believed it would damage my reputation as a breeder and would make them lose, puppy buyers and studfees of their topwinning dogs. This clann, as Hilde Kristien my friend, jumped in and offered to nurse Al Gazara's Bethseba untill she could leave to Sweden, started to brain wash the care taker of Byzanthium and her former husband. All of a sudden I could not see or visit my just imported dog again and than the news hit me, that this clann was trying to actually make the doig "dissapear ". Before that happened I wanted to make for sure, his lines continued. Besides I had invested more than agreed or considered normal, emotionally and financially.

Dignity delivered this litter at Kennel Khalil in Sweden. However, it is an El Ubaid's litter, I was there as she delivered and helped or instructed how I wanted my litter to be nursed when I was not there. I also made sure she went with a full station car of food to Sweden. All my dogs and me were in life risk. It was due to the most shocking violence happening on Dutch show ground as the Khalil's breeders, invited by me to compete on the following shows , their bitch won the BOS on the world show in 2002 in Amsterdam- the Netherlands and the day after BOS on the Dutch Eastern Sight hound bred yearly specialty (N.V.O.W.)!

I made sure all my dogs went to Sweden and had a good and safe shelter. Khalil did a marvelous job hosting this litter.

Because of mating Dignity like this, I gave her 3 years instead of a year, rest before breeding her again and that was her last litter.

A great start of this litter was the winning of El Ubaid's Ibn Arrowac, as he went BOB puppy at Skokloster in Sweden,Sweden largest Saluki specialty which can be compared with Kentucky.

Dignity and 4 month old daugher, Iraphina (exported to Canada) on the move..

Iraphina, did some Major winnings shortely after her arrival in Canada , as far as were were informed. Exported from the Netherlands to Canada. In 2008, true the gossips in dog world, I am told her owner had never received her pedigree or export pedigree. Since 1999, it is a member of the Dutch kennelclub that comes to each breeder in this post stamp size country to check on dam, puppies and all other dogs, homing, food, health and all, only than pedigrees are given for a TOTAL litter. Not with the free choice as in the USA, one puppy registries and the other not. All puppies get a chipnumber injected by the member of the kennelclub.By that number at all time the owner can get a copy of pedigree and export pedigree.

USA Ch. El Ubaid's Srinagar Imatep, exported to Srinagar Kennels, USA. Exported from Sweden, kennel Khalil to me and from me, from the Netherlands to the USA to Srinagar kennels.

Imateb was chosen, at a young age, as Best of Breed at the Annual Desert Show 2004, judged by Mr.Wassenaar (Ranesaw Salukis). She is dam to many champions.

Unfortunatly, Imatep was bred before the tender age of 11 months, without my knowledge, produced litters on every heat cycles and before age 3 she had produced already 4 official litters and as informed 2 un officals. A rather "normal" happening at Kennel Srinagar. A matter Mrs.Curtis finds very normal on her anti el ubaid's ethics page to breed from un full grown puppies, after every heat cycles. So-called El Ubaid's introduction in defence of the innocent Salukis. We all know Mrs. Curis is a co breeder behind the Srinagar puppy mill. I had a reward out of 10.000 US dollars to rescue Imatep out of that puppy mill.

All off springs to Imatep easily became USA ch.

SW.Ch. El Ubaid's Ignas Indian knight owned by kennel Khalil was used at stud at kennel Khalil

off springs of him went to England.He produced the Khalil's R litter with the wonderfull, striking beauty, GB.Ch.Khalil's Rana of classicus owned by Mrs.Mary Parks in GB. On very young age, she was reseve winner at the Saluki festival specialty in England 2008

Sw Ch. El Ubaid's Indiana jones was used at stud as well by kennel Amiyat in Sweden. He went reserve bis under the well known judge Mr.E.Blake- USA.

Inanna Imar produced the Khalil Z litter in 2009

So, all with all with my goal to achieve two champions a litter, I achieved that and I thank all owners of my I litter that love their dog as a wonderfull house companion. Winning is a matter of a day, love and good care is most important.

Pedigree I litter link (klick mee)

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